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At the New York Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie, experts in H1B visa law firm NYC and H1B visa Immigration law firm NYC, we specialize in the H-1B visa and business needs of corporate and private clients. With our total knowledge of all United States Immigration Law, we make it our business to stay on the cutting edge of any and all changes or developments in U.S. policy.  With over 20 years of continued success and with over 75,000 H-1B visa approvals, we are known for our attentive care for our clients’ needs and challenges. We anticipate and proactively address any issues that arise in the process of obtaining our clients’ visas and green cards.  When you work with the NYC Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie, P.C.,  you receive the best one-on-one attention for your case.  From start to finish, we make sure that you know what is being done on your behalf, why, and what the next steps may be.  We are dedicated to acting transparently, which ensures a smooth process based on mutual understanding and trust. Our web-based technology gives you 24/7 access to your files and case status, and gives you the ability to track the case as it moves through various stages towards successful completion. Client relations are of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to maintain excellence here as well.  We encourage you to contact our office, and you we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We service all immigration needs, INCLUDING:

  1. Significant immigration and department of labor audits,
  2. critical visa approvals
    1. H-1B, H-4, E-3, TN,
    2. L-1A,
    3. L-1B,
    4. E-2,
    5. O-1,
    6. EB-5 investor green cards,
    7. PERM Labor Certification based green cards
    8. Family based green cards
    9. Deportation Defense and more

Upon starting our relationship, the Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie will:

    • Provide a free assessment of your case to thoroughly explore your cases history, its merits and its weaknesses, and where opportunity lies.
    • Evaluate your chances of obtaining an H-1B Visa Lawyer NYC-- with a full money-back guarantee.
    • Provide effective pre-filing evaluation to ensure case’s success
    • Support you through every step of the way throughout the entire application process.  Some example scenarios:
    • Filing H-1B visas with very high success rate
    • Filing responses to complex H-1B RFEs
    • Dealing with the compliance protocols for the Labor Condition Application (LCA),
    • Site visits from Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) officers,
    • Defending Cancellation of your H1-B application

We match clients to our legal team’s subject matter expert to build a fully personalized and specific immigration case plan that covers the entire life-cycle of the case, including possible challenges during the adjudication, while taking into account client’s goals and financial requirements. This approach eliminates failures that can occur between clients and attorneys in traditional immigration law firms in NYC. No client files move forward unless there is a chance to succeed. We maintain flexibility throughout the case adjudication to ensure that all receipt notices and communications from the government agencies are communicated to clients within 24 hours of receipt. We also respond to requests for additional evidence made by any federal government agencies well in advance of specific deadlines. Finally, we maintain open communication with our clients by sending weekly case status reports and scheduled calls.

We serve a wide array of clients, including small to mid-size businesses, information technology companies, and private individuals throughout all 50 states and U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Our extensive expertise in successfully filing H-1Bs, and responding to H-1B RFEs, has covered virtually every position in every specialty occupation that H-1B covers.  Some of those job titles include, but are not limited to:

  • H-1B Visa Lawyer in NYC for Software Engineer
  • H-1B Visa Attorney in NYC for Hardware Engineer
  • H-1B Visa Lawyer in NYC for Computer Systems Analyst
  • H-1B Visa Attorney in NYC for IT Manager
  • H-1B for Database Administrator
  • H-1B for Business Analyst
  • H-1B for Marketing Manager
  • H-1B for Management Analyst
  • H-1B for Sales Manager
  • H-1B for Food Service Manager
  • H-1B for Hotel Manager
  • H-1B for CEO
  • H-1B for Accountant ·
  • H-1B for Financial Professional
  • H-1B for Interior Designer
  • H-1B for Fashion Designer
  • H-1B for Doctor
  • H-1B for Physical Therapist
  • H-1B for Occupational Therapist
  • H-1B for Lawyer
  • H-1B for Architect
  • Health Care Professional
  • H-1B for Scientists
  • H-1B for Civil Engineer
  • H-1B for Mechanical Engineer
  • H-1B for Electrical Engineer
  • H-1B for Lawyers

Role of Employer, Employee and our H1b visa law firm NYC in Obtaining an H-1B Visa

What do we do when we help you obtain an H-1B visa?

  • Obtain the job description and company profile from the H-1B Employer and the academic and work experience record of the H-1B Employee
  • Evaluate the job on offer along with the beneficiary’s education and work experience to determine if the specialist/professional criteria are satisfied
  • Gather documents and data to support the application
  • Evaluate and document the prevailing wage for the job being offered
  • Document the employer’s actual wage
  • Prepare the LCA for the employer
  • File the LCA with the Department of Labor (please note that it takes approximately 7 business days to obtain a certified Labor Condition Application from the Department of Labor)
  • If employee’s college education was obtained outside the USA, obtain an evaluation to prove equivalence to a US college degree
  • Prepare an H-1B petition and employer letter of support and send them to the employer for review and signature
  • File the LCA and H-1B petition with the USCIS once the DOL approves the LCA
  • If desired, file visa application with the USCIS via premium processing. Please note that without premium processing, H-1B approvals are usually issued within 2-3 months from the date of filing. Please also note that the H-1B process differs somewhat for an employee who is overseas, or who already has a valid H-1B Visa from a previous employer.
  • All cases are completed within 3-4 business days from the submission of complete file

Before applying, a prospective employee must do the following:

  • Find a U.S. employer who can offer you a professional job that meets all the H1-B requirements, including the prevailing wage.
  • Determine that you qualify for the job offered, or that you have (at minimum) completed a Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent
  • Job experience amounting to more than 12 years in the related field.
  • Gather all of the required documents such as degree, diploma, transcripts, resume, job experience letters, and passport.
  • Ask your future employer to retain an experienced immigration attorney who will file an LCA, prepare H-1B petition and submit the H-1B application package to the USCIS on your company’s behalf. After filing, wait for approval.
  • Apply for your personal and family visas at the U.S. Consulate and wait for approval.
  • Attend the H-1B interview at the U.S. Consulate, if required.
  • Arrive in the United States and have your H-1B Visa stamped upon entry.

Before hiring someone on an H-1B visa, an employer must do the following:

  • Determine and compare the actual wage and prevailing wage for the future employee's position.
  • File the Labor Condition Application (LCA) to the Department of Labor (DOL) and wait for approval.
  • Post the LCA for 10 consecutive business days at 2 conspicuous locations at the job site.
  • Perform the necessary U.S. recruitment efforts required by the DOL for the position offered.
  • Ensure that the H-1B Visa quota has not yet been met for the year. If it is cap subject, file by April 1st.
  • Assemble and file the H1-B petition for the prospective employee, along with the proper evidence and fees, at the appropriate USCIS service center.
  • Wait for the H-1B petition to be processed and approved. Please note that this could take a few months if premium processing will not be in effect.
  • Receive the receipt issued by USCIS with the 9-digit reference number and H-1B processing times.
  • Generate and mail a notice to the future employee notifying him/her of the USCIS receipt.
  • Receive the petition approval notice (Form I-797), showing dates of work validity for the future employee.
  • If employee is in the US and the case was filed as a change of status, onboard the H-1B Employee. If employee is still outside the USA, send the H-1B approval package to the H-1B Employee and ask him or her to appear for the H-1B visa interview at a US Embassy or Consulate.



List of Documents:

When going to your consulate for a H-1B Visa stamping, you will be required to bring documentation that will prove your claims. The visa officer has been trained to identify falsified testimony, so it is strongly recommended that you provide documentation for every one of your claims. Make sure your documents are easily accessible when asked for, and that they are in a reasonably good condition.

Please keep in mind that below is an incomplete list, and depending on your specific circumstances, you may have to bring additional documentation beyond what is listed to meet basic requirements. It is best to contact an attorney to review your documents and your case.

  • A valid passport that does not expire until at least 6 months past your stay in the US
  • All previously held passports
  • Photograph taken no more than 6 months prior, measuring exactly two inches by two inches
  • Form DS-160 confirmation page with barcode
  • I-129
  • H-1B petition copy
  • Copy of LCA
  • Visa appointment letter
  • Receipt for Visa application fee payment
  • Employment Verification Letter from H-1B Petitioning employer
  • Vendor Letter
  • Client Letter with appropriate header
  • Project documents
  • Contract Letter
  • Work orders
  • Pay stubs, if applicable
  • An updated resume
  • Reference letters from past employers
  • Client location photos
  • Tax Statements, if applicable
  • Bank Statements


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"My association with Keshab spans over 10 years leading to the approval of my Employment Based Greencard.Keshab and his team( Rowena in particular) was meticulous in attending to my case which resulted in a hassle free approval.I highly recommend keshab for your Immigration needs."

-Sajeev Mullassery

"Keshab is a very good and experienced lawyer. He is very capable of getting the h1b petitions approved. My company got queried for level 1 wages and he got them approved with his magic and expertise touch. Four of my level 1 wage cases were approved. And three typical queries been approved as well. I appreciate Kheshab’s patience and his staff especially Maunil And others for their hard work in documenting and getting valuation letters. Once again thank you Keshab."

-Vijayabasker Gurram

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